Program Agenda

Program Agenda TBD

Aware, Adapt, and Accelerate: A New Era in Surgery

Friday, March 4, 2022

2:30-4:20 pm |  Workshop Sessions (RSVP Required)

Session A: For Undergraduates/Medical Students/Residents

      Moderator: Patricia Sylla
      Panel: Christopher Burnett, Kellie McFarlin, Sarah Samreen, Scott Gallagher

  • Preparing for Success during the Pandemic Aftermath
    • Virtual/Zoom Interviews: Making a Good Impression Online
    • Professionalism: A Look in the Mirror – Do people see me the way I see myself?
    • Medical School/Residency/Fellowship Application Process – Selecting and Evaluating Programs Online
  • Social Media: The Rules of Online Engagement
  • Financial Planning
    • Loans/Debt

Session B: For Fellows/Attendings

      Moderator: Leigh Neumayer
      Panel: Dana Telem, Kim Kirkwood, Laila Rashidi, Melissa Phillips

  • Financial Planning (from the perspective of someone in the medical field)
    • Personal Financial Planning
      • Loans/Debt: Why they don’t matter
      • Investment – Basics that most people ignore
  • Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Practice
    • Transitioning jobs & Onboarding
    • How to negotiate with administration –
    • How to start your practice and increase referral base
    • Improve and achieve clinic workflow
  • Mentoring the Next Generation (high school/undergrad/med students)
    • Relating to GenZ – how is it different? Should it be different?
    • Reality vs. expectation – how to discuss the hard side of surgery (especially as a woman) without discouraging future surgeons
2:30-4:20 pm |  Poster Presentations (2 minutes each) – Alexander Rosemurgy

Saturday, March 5, 2022

7:00-8:10 am |  Registration/Breakfast/Exhibits & Slide Show of Past Years
8:00-8:05 am | Trials and Tribulations:

  • COVID-19 Photo Slideshow
  • The Change of the ‘Healthcare Ecosystem’: Global Labor, Revenue Shortages, Retirement, and Burnout
8:10-8:15 am | Opening Remarks from Chair, Sharona Ross
Plenary #1: AWARE
8:15-9:00 am | How are Women Leading in These Times? Illuminated Issues: What does this mean for you and your organization?

      Moderator: Julie Ann Sosa
      Panel: Aurora Pryor, Kim Kirkwood, Leigh Neumayer, Nancy Gantt, Patricia Numann, Patricia Sylla

  • Historical Expectations of Women Surgeons: Balancing Authenticity with ‘Fitting In’
  • Women and Leadership – Leadership Styles
  • Lack of women in academic surgery/research

9:00-9:45 am | Panel: Is the Scale Balanced? Are there shifts in our numbers, opportunities, and/or barriers?

      Moderator: Lynn O’Connor
      Panel: Julie Ann Sosa, Laila Rashidi, Mary Dillhoff, Sandra Wong

  • Myths about Women Surgeons
  • Are More Women Joining the Field or are Men Leaving? How does this impact?
  • Pipeline of women ascending to leadership
  • Negotiate what you are worth

9:45-10:30 am | Panel: Diversity/Equity/Inclusion: Meritocracy in Surgery

      Moderator: Sanziana Roman
      Panel: Dana Telem, Kellie McFarlin, Laila Rashidi, Megan Jenkins, Melissa Hogg, Omaida Velazquez   

  • How to Address and Embrace Diversity
  • Why representation and networks matter
  • Sexism and Handling Microaggressions
  • How to Handle Gender Identity: Pronouns matter
  • Addressing Bias: Acknowledging women surgeons based on competence, performance, and outcomes
10:30-10:45 am | Break/Exhibits
Plenary #2: ADAPT
10:45-11:30 am | Optimal Patient Care in a Time of Sub-Optimal Circumstances: How to Handle the New COVID Era

      Moderator: Aurora Pryor
      Panel: Alisa Coker, Cristina Ferrone, Krista Haines, Mary Killackey, Paresh Shah

  • Lessons Learned: Recognizing Positives and Negatives in the Aftermath
  • Utilizing COVID as an Accelerant: Motivation to Move Forward
  • Altering the Way We Practice and Communicate

11:30 am -12:15 pm | The business of surgery: COVID Era

      Moderator: Dana Telem
      Panel: Paresh Shah, Darla Hutton, Linda Richetelli-Pepe, Maureen Ayral

  • The Business of Surgery
    • New determinants of care
    • Innovation has accelerated post Covid – how to integrate new models into practice
  • How to invent, disclose, develop, commercialize IP
  • Digital Transformation: using Data Transparency to your advantage
  • How COVID has changed the payer aspect
  • Financial planning is critical to success
12:15-1:30 pm | Networking Lunch
1:35-2:05 pm | Keynote Speaker: Strategize to WIN – Carla Harris
Plenary #3: ACCELERATE
2:05-2:50 pm | Panel: Power and Vulnerability

      Moderator: Janet Tuttle Newhall
      Panel: Caitlin Houghton, Julie Ann Sosa, Mary Dillhoff, Mary Killackey, Melissa Phillips

  • Be Bold – recognize the importance of believing in yourself (gaining confidence, asking for you want)
  • Mental Offloading – managing your energy and your boundaries
  • Health and Wellness – self-care is not selfish; how to move beyond self-reliance to empowering and equip others to work for you
  • How to reinvent yourself and your brand
2:50-3:05 pm | Break/Exhibits
Parallel Sessions
3:10-5:10 pm | Undergraduate and Medical Students
Beating the Numbers Game

      Moderator:Vivian Gahtan
      Panel: Cristina Ferrone, Pam Hodul, Scott Gallagher

  • Tips on Applying to Medical School or Residencies
  • Online Interviews
  • How to shine on your application

Balancing Career and Family

      Moderator:Vivian Gahtan
      Panel: Alisa Coker, Aurora Pryor, Dana Telem, Heather Sinner, Lynn O’Connor, Nancy Gantt

  • Family Planning: When is the best time to have kids?
  • Super Parent: Making time for family and yourself

Importance of Having Mentors

      Moderator: Vivian Gahtan
      Panel: Alisa Coker, Iswanto Sucandy, Mary Killackey, Paresh Shah, Patricia Numann, Sandra Wong

  • Mentor/Mentee Relationship
  • Not to Fear, Mentors are Here: How to approach experienced surgeons
3:10-5:10 pm | Residents and Fellows
Beating the Numbers Game

      Moderator: Leigh Neumayer
      Panel: Kandace Kichler, Laila Rashidi, Megan Jenkins, Patricia Sylla

  • Tips on Applying to Programs
  • Online Interviews
  • How to shine on your application

Family Dynamics: Balancing Career and Family

      Moderator: Leigh Neumayer
      Panel: Kandace Kichler, Kellie McFarlin, Laila Rashidi, Melissa Phillips, Sarah Samreen

  • Panel: Single vs. Married Life
  • Fertility
  • The myth of the equal distribution of household tasks – carrying the mental workload of the home

New Expectations for Fellows After the Pandemic

      Moderator: Leigh Neumayer
      Panel: Kandace Kichler, Krista Haines

  • Job seeking and preparing to negotiate
  • How to build a practice
  • Financial planning readiness
3:10-5:10 pm | Attendings
Leadership Lessons for Mid-Career Surgeons

      Moderator: Janet Tuttle Newhall
      Panel: Marie Catherine Lee, Elizabeth Shaughnessy, Melissa Hogg, Omaida Velazquez

  • Academic Leadership – Guiding the next generation
  • Administrative Leadership – Making the business of medicine your business
  • Research Leadership – How to navigate the transition out of ‘young investigator’

Family Dynamics

      Moderator: Janet Tuttle Newhall
      Panel: Marie Catherine Lee, Melissa Hogg, Vedra Augenstein

  • Single vs. Married Life
  • Fertility
  • The myth of the equal distribution of household tasks – carrying the mental workload of the home

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Industry Day For Program Directors
7:30-8:00 am | Breakfast
8:00-9:15 am |  Panel with Industry Members and Academic Surgical Leaders

Redefining Surgical Research and Education

      Moderator: Darla Hutton, Intuitive Surgical

  • Artificial Intelligence centric surgical training?
  • Future technologies for training resident/fellows
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